Why you Need to Think of eBay as your Growth Story in 2021

E-commerce firm eBay Inc., which has served American sellers well for many decades, is going great guns as always. The period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, popularly known as The Cyber 5, is that time of the year when buyers flock to e-commerce portals to strike the best deals possible. It is also a time when selling on eBay is about making up for lost sales during the rest of the year.  

The year 2020 was no different as eBay surpassed sales records for the period from Nov 26- Nov 30. This mega sale was spurred by the super demand for out-of-stock and rare items. Another noteworthy trend was the new-found demand for refurbished gifts. 

Some of the most coveted items that were selling on eBay this year were Rolexes, Pokemon cards, Playstations, and Jordans. Interestingly, the largest ever Cyber 5 sales for eBay came as the firm marked its 25th anniversary.

ebay certified refurbished plan

Buying Certified Refurbished Items

The most remarkable trend this year was that buying refurbished emerged as the new normal. Shoppers lapped up certified refurbished items from some of the top brands such as Skullcandy, Bose, Cuisinart, Makita, DeWalt, and iRobot. There was a 170% increase in the sale of refurbished items during Cyber 5 compared to the sales recorded a week before. About 80% Americans were also found receptive to the idea of receiving a pre-used gift. This usually comprised of items such as laptops, appliances, and portable audio equipment. 

eBay’s recently launched Certified Refurbished Hub offers an assortment of amazing brands to choose from. Shoppers are thrilled to avail up to 50% off on items with a two-year warranty and assured quality that comes with brand-new goods.

Increase in Demand for Home Appliances and Games

Another observable trend was that the demand for home appliances and games remained intact ahead of the winter season. And customers don’t seem to be that particular on latest game consoles going by the sales trends.

Gaming system sales rose by 215%

There is huge demand for both new and old gen Playstation and Xbox consoles, going by the 460% spike in sales month over month.  An average of 113 trading cards were sold per minute on Cyber Monday alone. Pokémon collectible cards also witnessed a 1088% month-over-month increase in sales.  

luxury goods on display

Greater Demand for Luxury Goods

A heartening trend was that the demand for luxury goods remained intact despite a challenging year. It could be that shoppers cooped up in their homes for most of the year wanted to splurge a bit towards the end of the year. Of course, they had the added incentive of snapping up products that came with eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee.   

Now, you know why selling on eBay still retains its charm. There are some tricks of the trade that will help you list your items correctly on eBay. These tricks will gain you good ranking on the e-commerce site.

Search for an eBay catalog match as you list your product on the platform. Include multiple high-quality photos will also help your prospective buyer to zero in on your product. Create a rich title description text that uses relevant keywords. Price your product competitively. This helps to get your product ranked high on eBay. Run sponsored ads.

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