eBay Rolls out Mandatory Item Specifics for Feb 2021

Whether we approve or not, eBay listing updates are a significant aspect that eBay sellers and stores should consider. Are you wondering why it’s important? It permits buyers to see and find your product in the search results while permitting them to know about your product fast without too much reading.

Throughout 2019 and 2020, the eCommerce platform has continued to underscore the significance of item specifics and their role in boosting listing visibility on the platform as well as external search engines. Their intention to continue the trend is clear having rolled out new specifics for the year 2021.  

The Need for eBay Listing Updates

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Do you know that item specifics are one of the most significant aspects of any listing on eBay?   

They’re simply details regarding the product you’re selling and they emerge as easy-to-read breakdowns above the description. It might surprise you to know that they equally play a role in your item emerging on the top of search outcomes.

The more the specifics, the more the exposure.

This increases more sales. You’ll need to fill out details such as size, brand, color, and type along with pertinent fields to your product group. The more data you give eBay regarding your product, the easier it will be for them to match a product to what a purchaser is seeking.

Following the new announcement, you’ll need to update your item specifics in line with the new mandates. Fortunately, the changes aren’t taking effect until February 2021. There’s sufficient time to update your listings. Nevertheless, you should include the specifics before the deadline.

Beware that it won’t be possible to make eBay listing updates until you update the pertinent item specifics. It’s equally worth noting that updating listings to ensure compliance with the new mandate is time-consuming. 

Nonetheless, there’s good news. You won’t find new attributes or major name changes.

Buyers use item specifics for filtering their search outcomes, permitting them to locate precisely what they’re seeking. Your item will just appear in the filtered results if you’ve included the matching item’s particular information in the listing.

Why Item Specifics Are A Must-Have

Buyers Will Understand What They’re Purchasing

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When buyers search for items in a search bar, they might look for a particular size, color, or material. If you include these details on your listing, the buyer will have enough information to make an accurate purchasing decision without the risk of negative feedback or unnecessary returns.

Includes Extra Keywords to the Listing

Keywords are vital for products to emerge in the purchaser’s search results. By including extra information in your specifics, you’re simply covering more keywords that might not be in the description or title. In this case, there’s a chance your product will appear on the first page of search outcomes.

The more detailed your specifics, the more relevant your product becomes

Boosts Sales 

Proper eBay listing updates will automatically index your listing for several additional keywords. This will go a long way in making your product rank higher. Especially on long-tail keywords. 

ebay item specifics for a tshirt

Think of a scenario where you’re selling a red tshirt. 

By simply adding the color red in the item specifics, you make your listing more relevant to someone tying “red tshirt” in the search bar. 

The cut, style, material… each would have a huge role to play. 

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