Amazon Listing Changes to make Before Pesticide Rules Come Into Effect in Jan 2021

Check your listings on Amazon before pesticide rules come into effect in January 2021. A lot of listings have been taken down after being classified as pesticides even though they have nothing to do with pesticides. Amazon listing changes helps prevent years of effort going down the drain. 

Once you get classified as pesticide, it can become very difficult and time consuming to start selling again. Seller Support will ban your listing till pesticide rules are complied with.

New EPA Regulations Coming Into Effect in January 2021 

If you sell pesticides or pesticide devices on, take a note of the new EPA regulations that will come into effect in January 2021. Amazon also advised sellers to refer to the EPA’s definition of pesticides and pesticide devices. Check which of your products qualify and which do not. Please refer to EPA regulations on pesticides and pesticide devices below.

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According to Amazon, effective January 11, 2021, listings of pesticides and pesticide devices that do not comply with EPA regulations would be removed. If any product is identified as a pesticide or pesticide device, sellers will receive an email with a list of the affected ASINs.

An earlier notification had mentioned that from October 6, 2020, all listings of pesticides and pesticide devices on its website should be accompanied by the Pesticide Marking attribute. An EPA Establishment number or EPA Registration number should also be furnished. If your product is specifically exempt from being classified as a pesticide, a certificate mentioning that the product is exempted from EPA regulations is needed.

If your product is not a pesticide, make sure that you delete any keywords that lead to its false classification as a pesticide. Common examples include mold, fungus, repel and so on.

Act now before it’s too late.

In addition to compliance with the EPA regulations, Amazon states that explicit approval is required to sell these products online. It may be noted that per Amazon policy, only residents of United States are eligible to list pesticides on

Amazon Listing Changes: Adding the Pesticide Marking Attribute to Listings

Amazon also provides instructions for adding the Pesticide Marking attribute to pesticide listings on its website. It also answers the possible queries on the topic that sellers might have.

Amazon has clearly stated on its website that suppliers of products on its site must comply with all applicable state, federal, and local laws as well as Amazon policies that apply to those products. The site also provides detailed information on which category of pesticides and pesticide devices are permitted and which are not. 

eBay has also published a fertilizer and pesticide policy on its website.

The EPA has been cracking down on the sale of pesticides and pesticide devices since the beginning of 2020. This increased in the wake of false claims about the efficacy of certain products against Coronavirus. It may be recalled that the EPA had ordered Amazon and eBay to stop the sale of pesticide devices in June 2020.

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Generally speaking, herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, and fungicides are classified as conventional pesticides
. Water treatment units, air treatment units, insect traps, and ultraviolet light units come under the category of pesticide devices.

According to the EPA, pesticides or pesticide devices are items that are marketed as disinfectants. These products are capable of repelling insects, remove allergens, or prevent bacteria. The could also claim to have antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and pesticidal properties.

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