Top 5 Benefits of Using Visual Content in PDF Marketing Materials

While surfing through Amazon or eBay, would you buy a product that says ‘image not available’? Even if the brand you’re buying is a brand you’ve used before. Would you really buy it? It is essential to recognize the benefits of using visual content in PDF marketing materials.

We’ve been conditioned to learn words with objects associated with them. When you say ‘ball’, you visualize a ball. The word ‘cake’ brings up your favorite cake in your head. You can even remember the smell and taste. Activating your senses is an essential strategy to creatively market your products and services. The sense of sight is most easily recognized.

Here are 5 benefits of using visual content in your PDF marketing materials

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Visuals are Easy to Remember

One remarkable quality of human memory is that images are clearly remembered than words. Sometimes, words don’t even register as quickly as the image put in front of you. 

In a scientific study called Neural Correlates of the Episodic Encoding of Pictures and Words, researchers took neuroimages of the brain while test subjects were made to read text and view images. They concluded that the part of the brain that registers images in a person’s mind is directly linked to his memory.

Images are everything

They also found that the part of the brain that reads words are not linked to any memory-related tasks.

They Hit Your Emotion and Mood

According to a research on the Impact of Images in Print Media, “…pictures have an unquestioned capacity to arouse emotions, and adds that such emotion may influence attitudes directly or indirectly by impacting message processing.”

Images have a powerful impact on a person’s emotions. They help to hold your customer’s attention. You can sell more by expressing the benefits of your product in image form.

Images Give You a Break from Reading

Too much information can easily lose the reader’s attention. No matter how long or short your marketing material is, it is dull and dry to look at. Images help in giving you a break from reading, and also allow you to promote your product or service better. 

Graphs are Faster to Understand

Most people don’t have the time to read lengthy content. What usually takes twenty seconds to convey via words, takes only a few milliseconds to convey through visuals. With the use of a graph or a similar medium of visualisation, the marketer efficiently communicates the concept by stimulating a person’s vision.

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An MIT news article, titled In the blink of an eye, stated that neuroscientists found that the brain can process an image within 13 milliseconds. Mary Potter, a professor of cognitive sciences said that it is the core function of the brain to understand and process what a person is looking at. 

Images Improve Trust and Profitability

In any online transaction, ‘trust’ is an important factor that determines the success or failure of the business. Most of the information displayed is in textual form, thus creating anxiety among online shoppers. Seeing an image that is clear to look at creates a sense of relief. The buyer develops more trust seeing the image before buying the product.

Seeing is believing

eBay for example must have conducted some experiments. They looked at the products that didn’t sell well on their website. They relisted those products with attractive visuals. This resulted in an increase in sales by 55,000 units.

The bottom line? You should always consider adding visuals, images and animations to improve success in marketing.

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