How to Repurpose Content on Instagram: 6 Easy Ideas to Try

With its simple user face, Instagram is one of the most versatile tools when it comes to visual storytelling. If you’re struggling to develop new quality content to satisfy your audience, perhaps you should consider repurposing content.

Many people tend to focus on developing and publishing one piece after the next. They forget the great content they’ve already produced.

Repurposing content or content recycling simply refers to taking current content and reusing it elsewhere in a different context. While it sounds simple, it could turn out to be tricky. Here’s how to repurpose content on Instagram.

1. Summarize Long Content in Carousels

Carousels are the perfect means of sharing longer-form content you’ve developed for other platforms such as ebooks, blog posts, and emails. The way you decide to go about this will depend on whether you’re developing native-only content or attempting to direct the audience to the original content.

If the carousel you’re developing is native-only for Instagram, you could summarize each segment of the long-form content and introduce it using a caption to attract your audience. The summarized content should fit in 1-2 slides.

On the last side, you’ll include a CTA to encourage engagement such as shares and comments. If you’re developing a teaser for the initial content, you could pick some interesting quotes or information nuggets.

2. Develop Story Highlights of Your Best Content

Besides sharing content from different platforms to your feed, ensure you share everything from your feed to your Stories.

Man holding an iphone and viewing instagram story

Many users usually spend more time on stories than scrolling through their feed. This allows them to view your content. After sharing something to your stories, consider saving it in a Story Highlight. This way, it will appear as evergreen content on top of your profile.

3. Include Quotes

The concept of posting quotes on social media isn’t new. If you want to pique interest in your content, select a quote and develop a simple graphic for the platform to attract the attention of your followers.

Marketing ad for a product including image quotes

Sharing success stories on your blog drives them to try your service or product.

To convert followers into customers, consider sharing quote images to hook prospective customers. You can include royalty-free photos, an overlay, and quotes to develop custom images that suit your feed.

4. Promote a Blog Post

Previously, people would rely on blogs to share their thoughts. Today, most express their beliefs and opinions via social media. This implies it’s harder to increase your blog audience unless you incorporate promotional strategies.

If you use Instagram for business, you can promote the blog on the platform as one of the ways to reuse content, drive web traffic, and attract new readers.

The platform’s caption is restricted to 2200 characters, so you can only share a teaser of the blog. Beware that users don’t read on the platform. The visual you post should be eye-catching.

5. Develop Long-form IGTV Videos

If you find that your target audience spends considerable time on Instagram, there’s a high chance your customers favor content they don’t need to read. That’s why you need to produce various kinds of visual content, including videos, images, and audio.

Once your blog post is well-researched, you can produce a series of brief videos for Instagram Stories, or a long-form for IGTV.  When it comes to using media, you can merge videos and pictures to help your carousel.

6. Resize YouTube Videos

Although IGTV isn’t as new as guides and information carousels, numerous brands don’t use it even when developing video content on various platforms like Facebook or their website. You’ll realize that it is easy to resize and trim a video, so it can be IGTV-friendly, particularly with tools user-friendly video editing tools available online.  


Understanding how to repurpose content on Instagram can help you grow your business. Regardless of the type of content you publish on your website, various ways exist to capitalize on it, decrease content marketing expenses, and never run out of ideas.

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