Amazon OTT Advertising Lets Advertisers Reach 50M Users

Fire TV is a one-stop destination for thousands of movies and TV shows. Customers find it easy to search and navigate for shows they want to watch and have the flexibility of when to watch them. In 2020, the number of Fire TV users crossed 50 million monthly users across the world. 

“40 million users in the US”

According to eMarketer, the US alone has over 40 million active users of Fire TV.  They predicted the number to increase by over 15 million by 2024. People are watching more and more online content every day. This provides a great opportunity for brands to reach out to potential customers. 

Brands catering to fitness products, education and entertainment have used this to advertise their products. Covid-19 has also forced people to stay at home and discover new means to keep themselves active, entertained and busy. 

“Optimized for in-home entertainment systems”

Amazon OTT advertising delivers an amazing experience to the viewers. Offering ad options that look made for television, while also making a good impact on your audience, is possible with Fire TV.

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Amazon Fire TV screensaver ads, sponsored tiles and Fire TV banner ads – there are various ways of showcasing your product and driving advertiser goals for good conversion. Amazon observed that the click-through rate on the Amazon Fire TV Feature Rotator is thrice that of standard banner ads. 

Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Live 

The new Fire TV Stick is priced at $39.99. It has a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, 1080p at 60fps with HDR compatibility, dual-band and dual-antenna Wi-Fi with support for 5 GHz networks, Dolby Atmos for immersive sound, and an Alexa voice remote. The new device consumes 50% less power than the older model. 

There is also a similar Fire TV Stick Lite. The Lite supports full HD streaming and HDR support. It is available for $29.99.

More Sponsored Videos

There are over 70 million households that consume over 100 hours of online content every month. Amazon ads facilitate higher reach with 70% of the audience being exclusive to Amazon OTT.

With the growth in the number of OTT viewers, there’s also an increase in ad-supported video content. Free content offers a great customer experience. There is no need for any additional costs. 

“76% consumers don’t mind watching ads in exchange for free content.”

With ad-supported content, Amazon can find new ways to experiment with viewing models. The free News app shows content from multiple providers while being supported by ads. This app has become so popular that it is quickly becoming the leading news app on Fire TV. 

Being Future Ready

The amount of content that is available today needs new ways of engaging customers. Amazon continuously innovates to improve content discovery and user experience so that customers can get the most out of their Fire TV experience.

Recently, Amazon rolled out a major software update to Fire TV Stick (new generation) and Fire TV Stick Lite devices. This update was for all the devices sold globally. It offers improved content discovery, and Alexa voice navigation, all this while keeping in mind customer profile and preferences. 

For advertisers, new features will help drive higher customer engagement and surfacing of content while keeping our ad placement types consistent. In the coming years, Amazon plans to offer more customized contents to engage customers better. 


Amazon introduced ways to manage ad campaigns with cost-per-click pricing and self serve ads, increasing flexibility and optimization of your Fire TV campaigns. Discover the world of Amazon OTT advertising and open up your brand to countless possibilities.

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