Why Understanding Your Customer is the Only Marketing Strategy You Need

Know-your-customer, or KYC, is term familiar to anyone who has been to a bank or financial institution in recent years. Interestingly, there is an increasing need for understanding your customer. Anyone who has a product to sell must make the customer the center point of all their marketing efforts.

Marketers had long ago made a king out of the customer. Yet, amid the social media-driven marketing blitzkrieg unleashed in the last decade or so, the focus seems to have drifted away from the most important element in the scheme of things: the humble customer.

Let us examine the main tenets of a customer-centric marketing approach. Instead of pushing your products directly that might not go down well with many customers, it will be more appealing if you craft your messaging and products with a sound understanding of their requirements.

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Understanding Your Customer Adds Value

The plethora of content available in the market makes it difficult for a customer to make an informed decision. If prospective customers don’t find content relevant to their needs, they might just lose interest in your product.

Here again, understanding of their requirements will help you draft content that meets their demands. This will help you establish trust with customers who will also find value in the service offered.

Put yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

Therefore, it follows that trust is the key factor. Loyal customers are the bulwark of any business. Once they are on board, they generally stick on and will even get you referrals. Furthermore, it is much easier to sell to loyal customers as the trust factor is already established.

Studies have also underlined the fact that repeat customers are 65% likely to buy a new product without much prompting, which will bring down your advertising expenses and bring in more sales.

Tracking Content

Tracking what kind of the web content your prospective customers watch will help you gauge their preferences. Google Analytics can offer you valuable insights in this regard, including the specific form in which they prefer online content. Tracking your rivals’ social media handles will also help you understand what kind of content attracts attention.

Instead of second guessing your prospective consumer’s requirements, spend time on research to understand their requirements. Based on this, information and solutions can be provided that help them fulfill their needs and help expand your business.

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Social Media Will Help You Understand Your Consumer

For all the talk of a customer-centric approach, it is easier said than done as customer preference and social habits are constantly evolving. Essentially a one-size-fits-all approach will not work here.

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter would open a window into the minds of consumers. What they “like” on social media would clearly give you a clue about their mental make-up and spending habits.

Ask them what they think.

Check for posts made about your brand, the identity of the person, their location. This will be the starting point for understanding your customer better. Social devices such as Mention are especially useful for you check for online references to your brand from anywhere.

Surveys are a much more personalized way of getting feedback from your customers. However, take care not to burden customers by asking irrelevant questions. Be specific in your questions and add a human touch to your message to make them feel that their responses are valuable.

Why is it important to understand your customer? Connecting with your target market is the key to any successful marketing strategy.

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