Etsy Reveals Shopping Trends for 2021

January offers numerous possibilities. While shoppers are entering the New Year with hope, they’re also coming with new familiar needs such as furniture for telecommuting, virtual classroom supplies, and face masks. Welcoming a new year is also embracing the newest hype as Etsy reveals shopping trends for 2021.

In 2020, shopping trends were somewhat different. The year featured the search for daily essentials such as facemasks while shoppers sought thoughtful items to celebrate loved ones. Specifically, Etsy’s most searched term was personalized gift.

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Etsy believes that this year will revolve around developing connections to nature, ourselves, and each other. Here are the top shopping trends of 2021.

Trending Color

The platform reports a 39% growth that takes place where sky blue searches are concerned. The color of 2021 evokes calmness and optimism. This color has positive relations with being healthy, openness, and vitality while reminding you of the outdoors. After a tough year in 2020, shoppers are anticipating better days ahead.

Numerous hurdles and challenges still exist, but there’s hope for the future. Moreover, there’s a renewed feeling of connection to our communities. Etsy’s color signifies this while providing tranquility and connecting you further to nature.

At-Home Attire

Although everyone has adjusted to telecommuting, it’s time to take things to another level. Comfort is here to stay this year. Shoppers are still foregoing hard or buttoned pants as well as form-fitting outfits.

There’s been a 116% increase in searches for oversized or loose items in the clothing group.

This year will be somewhat more dressed up. Those who aren’t ready to relinquish loungewear, small accessories such as comfy headbands and detachable collars will make a huge impact.

Living & Home

Last year, you probably made your living space work for you and several of your rooms probably served numerous purposes. This year will see shoppers finding ways of reimagining their homes and integrating pieces that restore balance to multi-functional spaces.

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Etsy has noted a 399% increase in searches for foldable or wall desks; a 159% in Murphy bed searches. They further foresee that shoppers will maximize their outdoor spaces this year and take the indoors outside, producing cozy gathering and living spaces in their patios, yards, and balconies.


You’ll discover that shoppers are looking out for realistic gifts that won’t break the bank and will be in use frequently. You can consider items such as chic water bottles, mugs, and handmade soaps. You can also consider items for cold weather such as hats and mittens or necessities such as face masks. Another ideal option is fire pits, which is great for outdoor activities.

Kids’ Wallpapers 

This year, you can consider getting your child’s room décor to another limit. Kids have undergone tough times and have to tolerate virtual classrooms. This will allow your child to enjoy a meaningful time inside his or her room.

The platform has noticed a 163% increase in space-themed wallpaper searches.

The shopping trends for 2021 show a clear move towards products that can make everyday life simpler, more functional and meaningful in the wake of Covid-19.

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